October 17th 2018

I’m in León, another city here in México. I came to a congress and it is so cool everything that happens here. I was drunk yesterday because i came with friends. Its so funny have this guys near. They are so cool Advertisements

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October 14th 2018

Today was so boring. The only thing I did was eating a big piece of chicken, but hey, most of people can’t. I don’t know if it’s good to be lonely or not. What do you think about that? Because I’ve been felling like that, sometimes i like it but sometimes i get desperate for […]

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October 12th 2018

Well, it was a good day. Yesterday I got a test, I’ve been failing them but in this one i got up the bed and went to study and it worked so good. I’m so glad, I know it is my own responsability, but being honest with you I’ve been too lazy this year. I […]

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October 11th 2018

What a cute day. I went to movies with a friend, we saw the Eastwick Witches because we love Cher. Anyways, after that we went to a public place just to sit and talk. I told her some of my feels about people that I don’t speak to them anymore. And I did not realize […]

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October 10th 2018

What a day, I got involved in a story. In a lie. And a friend talked to me, obviously I told her my truth, but other people who wasn’t involved in this, blamed me. That really sucks. Earlier this year, I got the purpose of not care about people who are toxic for my life. […]

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8:40 p.m. Beside this diary, i have my own personal diary, you know, that little notebook where you share your personal things. Well the bad News about it is that my Mother knows the existence of that diary and she wants to read it. I knew that someday this could happen so I wrote that […]

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October 8th 2018

They say that it takes 7 weeks to have a new habit. At this point I feel like a disaster at school. So I have to make it work. I must not get distracted by anything, I don’t know how I lose my time but it must stop soon. Also, I want to lose weight, […]

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